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The roots of Nolt's Office Furniture go back to a part time business begun in the late 1950s and by 1965 was known as Nolt's Adding Machines and Typewriters and was owned by Mr. Nolt. The early 1970’s marks the birth of Nolt’s Office Furniture.  At this time Nolt’s Office Furniture offered new furniture.   In 2000 Nolt's Office Furniture was sold to Mr. Weaver. At this time Nolt’s Office Furniture offered Scratch and Dent and used furniture as a way for you to increase your savings by buying quality second hand furniture.  In 2002 Nolt's Office Furniture expanded to 2 locations. In August 2007 we moved to 1 location. We now offer new and used all under the same roof for your convenience. July 2010 Nolt’s Office Furniture changed owners and management as an effort to increase our ability to better serve our customers. At the same time we also became Nolt’s Discount Office Furniture.  We were located at 518 North Reading Road, Ephrata PA. In January 2012 we moved back to the Ephrata Buisness Center which is located in historic downtown Ephrata in an old rehabbed warehouse.


Our Offerings



At Nolt's Discount Office Furniture we offer a complete line of office furnishings for all your office needs. We have distinctive veneers, top quality laminates, and a variety of steel desks. Panel Systems and Cubical Workstations are available to serve from one person to as many as you need. There are over 170 chairs in over 270 fabrics plus reception room seating. All sorts of filing options are available to meet each person’s needs. We have a large selection of used desks, chairs, files etc. Stop by our location and see us. We will be glad to assist you with all your office furniture needs. We have a sales representative that will come out and measure your office and design your office to meet your needs and optimize your space. We also have our own delivery team that does an excellent job of delivering your furniture and installing it without damage.